Monday Aug 03

Sophora Toromiro

 first official game by spbyte is a 3D point and click adventure game "Sophora Toromiro",
The story  is about a rural fisherman and takes place in one of the imaginary islands in pacific ocean named "Numaru island" in 1881.

Sophora Toromiro was a very rare plant and is now extinct, people in Rapa Nui used this plant to create anthropomorphic (holy) statues. The statues made with this wood are very valuable

Capt. James Cook and Capt. Tobias Furneaux were in a search for this plant in 1771, they started from Plymouth, at first they sailed south to the Cape of Good Hope, continuing on to New Zealand and then west to Easter Island (Rapa Nui) where S. Toromiro was first seen. Forster described their first sight of this splendid leguminous tree "By resting several times we were at last enabled to reach the summit of the hill, from whence we saw the sea to the west and the ship at anchor. The hill (Hanga Roa) was covered with a shrubbery of the mimosa (S. toromiro), which grew here to the height of eight or nine feet, and some of whose stems were about the thickness of a man's thigh".

in1880, A group of three British researchers went to Numaru island with a hope of finding Capt. Cook’s trail and hopefully find the seeds of Toromiro but unfortunately no one heard of them ever since, our fisherman, Was forced to go back to Numaru Island and search for the missing researchers, he was initially hired to lead them to this deserted island and Rapa Nui government holds him responsible.

He has 2 weeks to find their trail …  .






First executable demo of the game is now ready for download; you can experience the first scenes of the game and some game play.

Use this link to download the demo:

Download the game from Rapidshare

some Screen shots:




Some other character designs